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        My name is T.J. and I was born and raised in Florida. Ever since I was a kid and was handed my first film camera I became fascinated with photography. (Granted as a young kid I loved just using the film canaster as maracas rather then actually taking the pictures). I started truly enjoying photography on an iphone 5. I would snap the photos and spend an hour or so on each one editing to get it just right. Eventually I asked my mom to borrow her camera on a trip to California and that is where you could say I became obsessed with capturing everything I saw. I would then go on to buy my first "real" camera a Cannon SL2 which has been what I've used since. My biggest inspiration in photography is Peter Mckinnon. And for someone who takes so many photos I still hate being the subject so I understand why so many people hesitate to get their pictures taken. That's why I think every shoot should just feel like you are hanging out with a friend rather than a stranger.

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